Carrying viewers through the most elegant of journeys, the Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition in Dubai Mall holds true to the brand’s identity, moving visitors through over 160 years of a dedicated exploration in the act of traveling. From his beginning as an emballeur, or expert packer, Louis Vuitton’s close relationship with the contemporary voyageur creates a consistent and natural progression, following innovations in transportation and the changing needs of society. Tradition meets invention, with impeccably crafted collapsible beds for weary explorers, complete wardrobe trunks for steamboat travelers, and lightweight luggage for some of the first aeroplane flights.

While key iconic pieces command attention, an understated beauty lies in the intended function and humble details found in these historic pieces. Carefully finished trunks, with hand-painted monograms and perfectly finished interiors insist on careful contemplation while preparing for any voyage. Steamer bags, carefully cut to the dimensions of steam boat cabins, allowed travelers to separate and organize their laundry. Compact bureaus for thoughtful letters home. Sensibly sectioned turn of-the-century cosmetic cases kept the portable powder rooms intact, all while instilling a sense of luxury in travel.

Many of the innovative products often associated with the contemporary brand appeared nearly 100 years ago, exemplified through the collection. An expected addition to most luxury brands’ current range, glass and silver perfume bottles from the early 1900’s round out the display, an unexpected long time offering of Louis Vuitton. Anticipating the gathering of treasures from abroad, expandable luggage was first seen in 1910, which has in turn, led to generations of collectors. In keeping with their thoughtful attention to detail and the needs of the busy traveler, 1920’s elaborate garment cleaning kits allowed for quick touch-ups, ensure their arrival in style.

In a time when the term ‘luxury’ is often carelessly applied to products based on price alone, an exhibition such as this begs for stringency. A client experience rooted in in an unshakable love for travel, the rich history demonstrated through the countless advancements, along with an extensive knowledge of craftsmanship, quality and tradition, set Louis Vuitton apart. A brand which has truly passed the test of distance and time.