‘Summits of Solitude: Narratives in Nature’ by Ji-Hye Kim at Tashkeel

Tashkeel presents ‘Summits of Solitude: Narratives in Nature’ by Ji-Hye Kim from February 6th until March 19th. In her exhibition, Kim extends her artistic exploration into the majestic realm of mountains, a recurring theme in her work. Through intensified reflection during the CPP period, Kim distilled her ongoing dialogue with these natural wonders into this exhibition.

Ji-Hye Kim, Summits of Solitude Narratives in Nature

Kim delves into the intersection of self-identity and nature, drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty of mountains and rocks. This exhibition represents a personal journey, utilising the unpredictability of printmaking to capture the profound experiences and scattered memories evoked by the wilderness. Transitioning from observer to interactive participant, Kim infuses her essence into artworks inspired by her awe of nature’s vastness.

The exhibition offers immersive, 360-degree installations that transform visitors into active co-creators, blurring the lines between viewer and artist. Through her works, Kim invites viewers to explore the dynamic interplay between life and nature, reflecting the cyclical motion of elements and the perpetual transformation of the environment.

Ji-Hye Kim – Narratives in Nature


‘Summits of Solitude: Narratives in Nature’ marks a milestone in Kim’s artistic journey, inviting viewers to witness and engage with her continued exploration and celebration of mountains and the self.

Presented by Tashkeel, this solo exhibition is Kim’s first in Dubai, displaying the vibrancy and texture of the natural world through diverse printmaking techniques. Delving into the symbolic strength of mountains, Kim’s installation serves as an intimate dialogue with mountainous environments, juxtaposing their enduring facade with the fragile, intricate layers beneath the surface.

Kim, a graduate of Hongik University and Camberwell College, has been based in the UAE since 2007. Her artwork, shortlisted for the Emirati Futurism Award – Fine Art, has been featured in various solo and group exhibitions across the UAE. Mentored by Isaac Sullivan during Tashkeel’s Critical Practice Programme, Kim expresses gratitude for the invaluable platform provided by Tashkeel, fostering an environment where nature, self-identity, and the transformative power of art converge.

About Ji-Hye Kim

Ji-Hye Kim, a Fine Art graduate from Hongik University, Seoul, and MA recipient from Camberwell College, London, relocated to the UAE in 2007, reigniting her passion for printmaking. Inspired by the local mountains, she vividly captures the essence of nature through diverse techniques. Exploring themes of origin and personal identity, Kim garnered recognition, winning Radisson Red’s 2021 International Women’s Day competition and exhibiting at prestigious events like the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival and Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival. As the founding chair of KUACA, she curated exhibitions promoting Korean art and culture in the UAE. Demonstrating her printmaking prowess, Kim showcased her work at ‘Press Print,’ Aisha Alabbar Gallery in 2023.

Location: Tashkeel, Dubai.

Date: February 6th until March 19th, 2024

Caption featured image: Ji-Hye Kim, Narratives in Nature.



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