The Art of Disruption: Art D’Egypte’s Retrospect

The Art of Disruption: Art D’Egypte’s Retrospect

The Art of Disruption: Art D’Egypte’s Retrospect is an exhibition that delves into discursive practices and disruptive modes of interpretation, exploring the notion of time and timelessness. It showcases a selection of internationally acclaimed artists who examine the power of juxtaposition, envisioning a future rooted in a deep understanding of the past and present. By challenging conventional narratives and disrupting societal norms, the exhibition demonstrates how art can create spaces for interaction and perception.

Jwan Yosef, Vital Sands, for Art D’Egypte 2022, image credit Brianna Bakke, courtesy of the artist

In collaboration with Christie’s London, the exhibition will be held at the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau in Mayfair, London, from May 18th to May 25th, offering a public viewing experience. Among the exhibiting artists are JR, known for his large-scale photographic collages that transcend traditional gallery spaces and captivate diverse audiences worldwide. Jwan Yosef, a Syrian-born artist based in London and Los Angeles, brings his unique visual perspective shaped by his multicultural background. Sultan bin Fahad’s abstract drawings, paintings, sculptures, and installations explore material culture in Saudi Arabia, bridging intangible memories with tangible cultures.

Natalie Clark, Spirit of Hathor

Gisela Colòn challenges and expands upon the male-dominated Minimalist canon through her anthropomorphic geometries and light-activated sculptures. Natalie Clark’s work, influenced by her global travels, combines modern design, ethnographic styles, and organic forms found in nature. SpY, an international public and urban artist, transforms spaces into immersive experiences through artistic interventions, contributing to the evolution from urban art to public art. Ahmed Farid, an Egyptian visual artist with a background in social sciences and marketing, brings his unique perspective to the exhibition.

Additionally, the exhibition includes a selection of 16 digital prints from the Forever Is Now and Forever Is Now 2 collections. These prints, featuring artists such as Emilio Ferro, Mohammad Al Farraj, eL Seed, and Joao Trevisan, further enrich the immersive experience of the exhibition.

Emilio Ferro, Credits Roberto Conte


The Art of Disruption: Art D’Egypte’s Retrospect

Location: The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau in Mayfair, London

Duration: May 18 – May 25, 2023



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