The Custodian: Artistic Visionaries: Katia Traboulsi

Rima Nasser: Can you briefly describe your relationship with the Dalloul Foundation and how their support has influenced your artistic career?

Katia Traboulsi: I first came across the Dalloul Art Foundation a few years ago while working on the Perpetual Identities’project and was astounded by its remarkable collection. The connection with the foundation is a valuable source of inspiration and historical context within the Arab world. I believe it’s essential for an artist to have such an artistic platform as a means of support for their work, intellectual growth, and knowledge.

RN: What specific forms of support or resources from the Dalloul Foundation have had the most significant impact on your artistic development? 

KT: The knowledge of the exceptional Dalloul Art Foundation collection brings a sense of security and recognition to the Arab art world, particularly for artists. It instills the feeling of being taken seriously and being part of the art history, creating a legacy, a narrative, and a secure space that will endure over time, preserving the stories and journeys of artists in the Arab world.

RN: Basel Dalloul is renowned for his commitment to art and culture. How has his vision influenced the themes and concepts in your work?

KT: Dr. Basel Dalloul is, above all, a patron, a friend, a dedicated art enthusiast, a visionary, and more than just a collector.
He embodies what I perceive as an ‘artist’ collector with the sensitivity of an artist. He establishes an environment for his artists, offering them close support and connecting them not only in their work but also in real life. He closely follows and consistently encourages their work. He propels them beyond the present, guiding them into the future with unwavering determination and passion. His deep appreciation and understanding of art provide crucial support to enhance an artist’s creations. His commitment is unwavering, and his passion remains evergreen, offering reassuring company to artists in what can often be a solitary profession. Remarkably, he is always accessible, supportive, and available for discussions and curatorial collaborations.

RN: As an established artist, what role do you see the Dalloul Foundation playing in the broader art community, particularly in promoting cultural exchange and artistic expression?

KT: The Dalloul Foundation, represented by Dr. Basel, consistently forges connections among artists and various members of society, fostering substantial cultural exchange. The foundation’s platform encompasses everything related to art, including books and research. It serves as a cultural support and a secure haven for art and the exchange of ideas, knowledge from the past, present, and future. The foundation introduces artists to other collectors, gallery owners, journalists, critics, and numerous other stakeholders in the art market.

RN: Could you share any upcoming projects or exhibitions that showcase your collaboration with the Dalloul Foundation and your artistic journey?

KT: As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Basel is an invaluable intellectual support for past and upcoming artistic projects. I have the immense privilege of seeking his counsel and brainstorming my ideas with him. It is a great honour for an artist. I am proud and grateful to have my artwork as part of the Dalloul Art Foundation, which provides encouragement and inspiration for future projects on my artistic journey.



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