The Phoenician Alphabet, Nayla Romanos Iliya

The Phoenician Alphabet, Nayla Romanos Iliya

Renowned Lebanese architect and artist Nayla Romanos Iliya delves into the depths of her latest book and artistic exploration, “The Phoenician Alphabet”, through a conversation with Rose Issa on Thursday, 8th June 2023, from 6-8 PM at the Charles Corm Foundation in Beirut, Lebanon. This event also provides an opportunity for attendees to have their books signed by the artist herself.

Nayla Romanos Iliya, a Lebanese architect and artist, embarks on a transformative journey through her book, aptly titled “The Phoenician Alphabet,” exploring the power and significance of this ancient writing system. Her book celebrates her country’s cultural heritage while serving as a bridge between the past and the present, offering a unique perspective on the Phoenician legacy.

Nayla Romanos Iliya portrait.

“The Phoenician Alphabet” is a testament to the power of art to transcend time and bring forgotten cultural treasures back into the spotlight. Nayla Romanos Iliya’s work is a reminder of the enduring legacy of Phoenicia and serves as a catalyst for a renewed appreciation of Lebanon’s cultural heritage. Through her interpretations, she breathes life into the meanings, shapes, and symbolism of the Phoenician letters, weaving them together to create abstract and universal images. The process becomes a therapeutic experience, allowing her to explore her own quest for identity and reconnect with her Lebanese roots.

Having lived in various countries and currently residing between Beirut and London, Romanos Iliya brings a global perspective to her artistic endeavours. Her exploration of social and aesthetic issues, as well as matters of identity and history, finds a profound expression in her interpretations of the Phoenician Alphabet. By simplifying the forms and idioms of this ancient script, she transforms them into semi-abstract sculptures of varying sizes, from compact to monumental, utilising a diverse range of media.

Through her artistic vision, Nayla Romanos Iliya has resurrected a vanished script and bestowed it with new life. With a singular poetic and optimistic vision, she invites us to reimagine the Phoenician Alphabet and discover the profound beauty that lies within its characters.

The Phoenician Alphabet, Nayla Romanos Iliya


The Phoenician Alphabet, Nayla Romanos Iliya Book Launch

Location:The Charles Corm Foundation in Beirut, Lebanon

Duration: June 8, 2023, from 6-8 PM



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