‘There May Exist’ by Zeinab Alhashemi at the Theseus Temple in Vienna

Leila Heller Gallery presents the groundbreaking debut of Emirati artist Zeinab Alhashemi at The Theseus Temple in Vienna, featuring her installation “There May Exist.” This marks a historic occasion as Alhashemi becomes the first Emirati artist to exhibit at The Theseus Temple.

Zeinab Alhashemi, ‘There May Exist.’ Courtesy of Leila Heller Gallery and the artist.

“There May Exist” is an installation crafted from oil barrels transformed into a striking pyramid. Through this evocative piece, Alhashemi delves into the profound transformation that has swept through the United Arab Emirates since the discovery of oil. Viewers are encouraged to contemplate the changing landscape of the region and the enduring influence of cultural traditions.

Inspired by the transformative impact of oil discovery, Alhashemi’s work explores the relationship between progress and tradition. Her installations, characterised by meticulous detail and symbolism, prompt viewers to reflect on the dynamic interplay between past and present, offering a visual narrative on the cultural and economic heritage of the Gulf region.

Central to Alhashemi’s artistic exploration is the significance of camels in the UAE’s cultural tapestry. By incorporating camel hide and fur tanned in El Ain, her installations pay homage to the symbiotic relationship between humans and camels in adapting to the environment. Through these sculptural compositions, Alhashemi invites audiences to contemplate the future of this relationship, echoing the sentiments of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum on transportation’s evolution and its impact on cultural identity.

The Theseus Temple, Vienna.

About Zeinab Alhashemi

Zeinab Alhashemi is a conceptual artist based in Dubai, UAE, whose multidisciplinary practice delves into themes of cultural identity, heritage, and environmental sustainability. Through site-specific installations and sculptures, Alhashemi aims to create immersive experiences that stimulate dialogue about the evolving landscape of the Arabian Peninsula, highlighting the enduring legacy of cultural traditions in the UAE.

Location: The Theseus Temple, Vienna

Dates: April 17 to October 13, 2024



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