‘Translucent Threads of Life’ by Yousra Wahba at Firetti Contemporary

In her inaugural solo exhibition, ‘Translucent Threads of Life,’ at Firetti Contemporary, Yousra Wahba delves into the realms of nature, identity, and the enduring strength of women. Comprising four distinct sections, the exhibition unfolds a visual narrative through translucent layers, bridging the realms of science and art while inviting observers to appreciate the beauty that arises beyond conventional boundaries.

Yousra Wahba, Harmony Unbound. Courtesy of Firetti Contemporary

Wahba’s sculptures and installations predominantly employ transparent resin, chosen for its symbolic significance. Through alchemical processes manipulating temperature and pressure, Wahba transforms liquid transparency into solid form, creating sculptures that embody both nature and women.

The exhibition starts with ‘Wild Beauty Unveiled,’ where, red-layered sculptures draw inspiration from the spirit of women and the metaphorical significance of plant life and marine ecosystems. Defying conventional notions of aesthetics, these pieces represent the multifaceted layers of the human experience. Each sculpture narrating a visual story.

‘Interconnected Echoes – Tidal Rhythms’ resonates with the rhythmic patterns of ocean tides, exploring the complex tapestry woven by the rhythmic movements of the ocean, marine life, and coral. Transparent threads intertwine, visually portraying the unseen forces shaping our existence and highlighting the intricate dance between humanity and nature.

Yousra Wahba, Wild Beauty Unveiled. Courtesy of Firetti Contemporary

The immersive installation ‘Harmony Unbound – Immersed in the Quiet Blue’ reflects Wahba’s personal journey within tranquil blue surroundings, metaphorically capturing life’s fluidity and the interplay of identity, memory, and culture. This dynamic space serves as a metaphor for life’s continuous change and our shared pursuit of harmony.

Inspired by Susan Abulhawa’s evocative quote from “The Blue Between the Sky and Water,” Wahba’s series resonates deeply, offering a visual exploration of universal themes. Much like Abulhawa’s work humanises the Palestinian experience, Wahba’s sculptures encourage viewers to reflect on identity, resilience, and the interplay of life and nature.

The final series, ‘Exquisite Moments,’ invites observers to pause and relish life’s delicate balance between strength and fragility. Thinner layers of translucent sculptures symbolise life’s transient nature, merging biology, science, and art into a harmonious whole.

Yousra Wahba, Triptych. Courtesy of Firetti Contemporary

About Yousra Wahba

Egyptian artist Yousra Wahba, born in 1977 in Saudi Arabia, merges science and art to explore the convergence of nature, memory, and emotion. With a background in Pharmaceutical Science, she captures the dynamism of the natural world in sculptures that freeze memories and emotions within the constraints of time. Her work, marked by contrasts like light and dark, mirrors life’s complexity, delving into the interconnectedness of nature and human existence. Exhibiting internationally, including at prestigious venues like the Dubai Calligraphy Biennale and Prague Art Fair, Wahba’s art invites reflection on life’s fleeting beauty and the patterns in biology and emotions. Wahba’s dedication has earned her accolades, including a second-place award in The National Bank of Fujairah art competition in 2022 and recognition in the Al Futtaim art competition.

Location: Firetti Contemporary, Dubai, UAE

Dates: 8 December 2023 to 8 March 2024



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