Tuwaiq Sculpture 2023 or the “Energy of Harmony”

Tuwaiq Sculpture 2023 received over 650 global applicants for its upcoming edition themed ‘Energy of Harmony’ 

Artists for the 4th edition of Tuwaiq Sculpture will be chosen from more than 650 applications that were received for the edition themed ‘Energy of Harmony’, with the final selection decided by a panel of internationally renowned experts.

Held annually in the capital of Saudi Arabia, the annual sculpture symposium brings local and international sculptors together to create public artworks that become an integral part of Riyadh’s urban fabric.


3rd Tuwaiq Sculpture 2021_ Wafaa Alqunaibit, ‘Allah’ 2021, Photo © Tuwaiq Sculpture 2021, a Riyadh Art program


Taking place since 2019, Tuwaiq Sculpture has so far engaged over 60 world-renowned sculptors, including those in the current edition, and thousands of visitors. The symposium is part of the broader Riyadh Art initiative, one of the largest public art projects undertaken in the world today. Riyadh Art seeks to turn the city into a “gallery without walls”, with more than 1,000 artworks to be displayed across the capital. Sculptures created during the symposium will become an integral part of Riyadh, enriching the historical heart of the city and bolstering the Saudi capital’s cultural scene.

Starting on January 8, 2023, the 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture will include a live sculpture-making event that is open to the public on a dedicated site in the area of Durrat Riyadh, in the north part of the city. In parallel to the creative process, more than 65 community engagement events will take place, including interactive workshops, school visits, and panel discussions, delving into elements of architecture, sculpture, art and design. After the sculptural works have been completed, the program will culminate in an exhibition that runs from February 5 to 10, 2023.


Artist and visitor at the 3rd Tuwaiq Sculpture symposium in 2021. Photo © Tuwaiq Sculpture 2021, a Riyadh Art program


Architect Khalid Al-Hazani, Executive Director for Riyadh Art, said: “Tuwaiq Sculpture encourages artists to create works that contribute to Riyadh’s thriving creative scene. It is one of many cultural platforms for artists emerging from Riyadh today, as well as artists from around the world, so that they may use their talents to leave their legacy on the city’s ever-changing cityscape. In the coming years, works made at Tuwaiq Sculpture will fill Riyadh’s parks, streets, cultural districts, and public spaces, to be experienced by all in years to come.”


Artist at work at the 3rd Tuwaiq Sculpture symposium in 2021. Photo © Tuwaiq Sculpture 2021, a Riyadh Art program_4


Energy of Harmony, the theme of 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture, was developed by curator Marek Wolynski and reflects on the fundamental characteristic of human existence – the ongoing synthesis of the opposing forces. It encourages artists to reimagine sculptural possibilities and capture manifestations of ephemeral processes of introducing, witnessing, and experiencing change.

Based in London, Marek specialises in large-scale projects and cross-sector partnerships, having previously worked on creative commissions and seminal exhibitions with the British Council, United Nations, Mayor of London, Verbeke Foundation, European Parliament, Luma Foundation, and Art Rotterdam, among others.

Energy of Harmony establishes points of connection and focus within the urban environment of Riyadh, giving a heightened awareness of co-existing structures, voices, and patterns.”, Marek explained.

“Tuwaiq Sculpture is a world-leading platform for three-dimensional art that encourages self-expression through a dialogue between tradition and modernity. Featuring distinguished artists and an expansive public engagement program, Tuwaiq Sculpture delivers transformative and inspiring experiences, effectively contributing to Riyadh’s position as a thriving cultural hub,” he continued.

Marek is also the chairperson of the jury panel who has selected the Tuwaiq Sculpture artists, consisting of Alaa Tarabzouni, Director of ATHR Gallery, an architect and artist whose practice focuses on urbanism and the built environment; Ali Al-Tokhais, a sculptor with a practice spanning 40 years and an expert in stones originating from Saudi Arabia; Dr. Effat Fadag, an acclaimed academic whose work revolves around the arts, culture, and heritage of Saudi Arabia; and Johannes von Stumm, a critically acclaimed sculptor, President of the Oxford Art Society and Past President of the Royal Society of Sculptors in the UK.


3rd Tuwaiq Sculpture 2021_ Damjan Komel, ‘Perseverance in Time’ 2021, Photo © Tuwaiq Sculpture 2021, a Riyadh Art programx


Participating artists will contribute to Tuwaiq Sculpture’s community engagement program, which will hosts school and university visits, providing students direct exposure to various sculptural practice, as well as sculpting skills, tools, techniques and materials.


Tuwaiq Sculpture: edition themed ‘Energy of Harmony’

Location: Durrat Riyadh
Duration: 8 January  – 10 February 2023



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