‘Vie sur Vie’ by Nadim Karam at ESA Business School

Nadim Karam, Layers Untold, ESA Gardens © Elie Bekhazi
Nadim Karam, Layers Untold, ESA Gardens © Elie Bekhazi

Nadim Karam’s latest exhibition, ‘Vie sur Vie,’ opened at ESA Business School’s Henry et Nadège Obegi Gardens on May 10th, 2024, beckoning viewers to contemplate the intricate interplay between two sculpture series: ‘To Be or Not to Be’ and ‘Urban Bouquets.’ Through these works, Karam delves into existential themes, infusing his signature humanism with elements of absurdity.

The exploration of existence has long been a cornerstone of Karam’s artistic journey, permeating his oeuvre with reflections on thought, migration, conflict, and the enigmatic dance between life and death. ‘Vie sur Vie’ prompts viewers to ponder the connections between these series, drawing from Karam’s personal experiences in a region marked by the persistent shadow of war.

Nadim Karam, Gen Z, ESA Gardens © Elie Bekhazi
Nadim Karam, Gen Z, ESA Gardens © Elie Bekhazi

In ‘To Be or Not to Be,’ Karam’s sculptures embody the essence of existential struggle, yet amidst this turmoil, they hint at the potential for finding meaning amid chaos. Conversely, the ‘Urban Bouquets’ offer a reprieve from harsh realities, providing moments of solace amidst the tumult of existence.

While rooted in specific geo-historical contexts, Karam’s art transcends boundaries of time and space, weaving together diverse media and experiences into a rich tapestry of inner geographies. ‘Vie sur Vie’ embodies the resilience of life, challenging and defying the constraints imposed by nature, and celebrating the human spirit’s capacity for survival and adaptation.

Through this exhibition, Karam invites visitors to embark on a journey through his creative process, offering glimpses into the complexities of existence and survival. Each encounter with his work becomes a portal, inviting viewers to navigate the intricate web of life and contemplate their place within it.

About Nadim Karam

Nadim Karam, Cry Baby Cry, 2023, ESA Gardens ©Elie Bekhazi
Nadim Karam, Cry Baby Cry, 2023, ESA Gardens ©Elie Bekhazi

Nadim Karam is a contemporary artist known for his narrative-driven creations that intricately engage with urban landscapes and societal contexts. Through his site-specific projects, Karam re-evaluates contextual issues and celebrates the diversity inherent in society, often adopting a whimsical and surreal approach, even when confronting profound societal challenges.

During his doctoral studies focusing on the concept of eastern space in Japan, Karam developed a distinctive visual language that explores the intersection of spaces, memories, and human experiences, predominantly expressed through his performance art projects. Subsequently, his passion for urban architecture and his self-taught artistic endeavours in drawing, painting, and sculpture naturally coalesced into a series of impactful public art installations.

Through his multidisciplinary studio, Nadim Karam Studio (NKS), Karam has executed numerous site-specific projects commissioned by cities and institutions worldwide. His diverse body of work, including paintings and sculptures, has been showcased in galleries, biennales, and museums globally. Additionally, Booth-Clibborn Editions in London has published four monographs dedicated to his artistic journey.

Based in Beirut and Rotterdam, Karam continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, seamlessly blending his architectural sensibilities with his artistic prowess to create thought-provoking installations that resonate with audiences around the world.

Location: ESA Business School, Henry et Nadège Obegi Gardens

Dates: May 10 – July 26, 2024



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