‘Void and Form’ by Bader Mahasneh at Fann À Porter

Bader Mahasneh, ‘Void and Form’, Fann À Porter

Fann À Porter Dubai presents “Void and Form,” a solo exhibition by the Jordanian artist, Bader Mahasneh, from 6th July to 30th August 2023. This showcase highlights Mahasneh’s command over diverse artistic mediums, such as sculpture, photography, and painting. Delving into philosophies and the intricacies of human existence, Mahasneh’s art explores the “void,” the interplay between humanity and machinery, and the relationship between destruction and creation, often referred to as the “building of form.”

Inspired by a deep connection with Jordan’s geological heritage, Mahasneh meticulously sculpts artworks using historically significant materials. His latest endeavour involves translating the intricate three-dimensional densities of painting into sculptures, unveiling a presence that goes beyond illusion.

Bader Mahasneh, ‘Void and Form’, Fann À Porter

The exhibition also features Mahasneh’s photographic compositions, which merge models with their surroundings. Employing camera techniques and lighting, he achieves an effect in a single shot and a single layer.

Bader Mahasneh, was born in the historic city of Jerash, Jordan, in 1977. His academic journey led him to earn a bachelor’s degree in law from Yarmouk University in 2001. Over the years, he has held numerous solo exhibitions in Jordan, UAE, and Germany, and his works have been showcased in group exhibitions across various countries, including Jordan, Sweden, Bahrain, Italy, Lebanon, and the USA.

Bader Mahasneh, ‘Void and Form’, Fann À Porter

About Fann À Porter

Fann À Porter is a contemporary art gallery situated at The Workshop Dubai, dedicated to showcasing a diverse array of emerging international and regional artists. With a commitment to fostering the vibrant contemporary art scene, the gallery organises exhibitions, non-profit events, auctions, and a community program.

Throughout the year, Fann À Porter presents eight curated exhibitions that feature artists working across various media. Their proactive approach includes fostering dialogues and collaborations with curators, writers, governmental entities, and institutions to support the long-term growth of young contemporary artists from the Middle East.

Location: Fann À Porter, The Workshop, Dubai

Date: July 6 – August 30, 2023



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