Volta Basel is set to run from June 10 to 16, 2024, promising a vibrant display of contemporary art. This 19th edition of the fair continues its tradition of pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic narratives.

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Credit Nicholas Winter

Under the fresh leadership of Lee Cavalier as Artistic Director, Volta Basel 2024 aims to attract “young and potentially dangerous” galleries, breathing new life into the art scene. Supported by a newly appointed advisory board, including prominent figures such as Sheila Arora, Ethan Cohen, Pamela Hraoui, Patrick Petermann, William Kaafarani, Carolina Conforti, François Rene Laurent, Julia Lechbinska, and Christian Marx.

The fair highlights emerging women in the art market. This year, more than half of the exhibitors are female-owned galleries.

Additionally, Volta Basel introduces ‘Firsts,’ a new curated section of the fair dedicated to new galleries making their debut in Basel. This section offers access to art market hubs from diverse regions.

Galleries include IPERCUBO from Italy, Lagos from Mexico, Odds and Ends from Hong Kong, Perve Galeria from Portugal, SKAL from the United Kingdom/Spain, TAMARA KREISLER Gallery from Spain, Wolf & Nomad from the United States, and Wunika Mukan Gallery from Nigeria.

selections arts volta basel
Gillian Jason Gallery-Georgia Dymock ‘Love Angel Shooting Cupid’ 2023

Expect diversity at Volta Basel 2024, with more than 50 galleries from art market capitals like New York, London, Paris, and Basel, as well as emerging markets in South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, and Lebanon.

selections arts volta basel
‘Kum buba yali, Kum buba tambe, Amen Amen’ by Erin Leann- sewn satin, cotton, sequins, acrylic, iridescent fringe and canvas

About Volta Art Fair

VOLTA is a globally recognised contemporary art fair that invites art enthusiasts and collectors to discover the Art of Now, hosted in Basel and New York annually.

Location: Klybeck 610, Gärtnerstrasse 2, Basel 4057

Date: June 10-16, 2024



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