We Design Program: We Empower, We Sustain, We Preserve

From October 27 to October 30, 2023, We Design Beirut will host a series of exhibitions and events that encompass its core principles: We Empower, We Sustain, and We Preserve.

Beit Tamanna

We Empower – The Hub of Craftsmanship at PSLab: Under the banner of “We Empower,” PSLab will serve as a hub for craftsmanship. Local artisans, including woodcarvers, wood sculptors, copper makers, and rattan artisans, will showcase their talents and wares. These artisans will receive support in the form of materials, design assistance, transportation, accommodation, and dedicated retail spaces for their products. Additionally, Beit Collective will introduce a gro glass-blowing oven, expanding the possibilities of glass art.
The exhibition will feature The Ready Hand, along with installations by George Mohasseb, Minjara, Samer Alameen, Rania Malli, and Ranya Sarakbi. The event will kick off with a panel talk on Craftsmanship in Design, featuring renowned panellists and moderated by Anna Carnick, Editor-in-Chief of Design Miami.
A unique collaboration, “We Mediterranean,” curated by Paola Carimati, will bring Italian architects and Lebanese artisans together to create dismountable housing concepts using rattan and bamboo. These creations will tour the Mediterranean and land in Milan.

Life Exhibition, 200 Grs., Humpty Dumpty. ‘LIFE is proud to present the “Creative Liaisons” Exhibition which will be sold at auction during the LIFE Global Gala Dinner in London on 10 November. The proceeds will directly contribute to supporting their Education Programme which focuses on the education and employability of Lebanese youth.’

Pop-ups at PSLab: Visitors can explore pop-up shops by The Silly Spoon, PIK’D LAB, BlattChaya, and Ghady Azar. PIK’D LAB will offer bespoke ceramic pieces crafted in collaboration with attending artists, adding a personalized touch to each creation. The Silly Spoon reimagines table settings with a contemporary, creative, and personalised approach.

Emerging Talent Exhibition: An exhibition dedicated to emerging talents under 30 will feature environmentally friendly products designed to fit in a suitcase using sustainable/recycled materials. This showcase will be curated by international design experts Federica Sala, Anne-France Berthelon, and François LeBlanc De Cecilia.

Workshops and Panel Talks: Engage in workshops and panel discussions covering various aspects of sustainability and humanitarian design. Learn from experts in architecture, engineering, and design. Topics include sustainability, humanitarian design, and more.

Projections and Materials Exhibition: Delve into sustainability through documentaries and videos by international experts. Explore a materials exhibition highlighting eco-friendly materials produced in Lebanon, motivating individuals to incorporate sustainability into their projects.

House of Today The Candle Project Flavie Audi Nothing is forever 2023 Ph. Carl Halal

We Preserve – The Hub of Preservation at Villa Mokbel: Villa Mokbel will host a collective exhibition of product designers under the theme “Past Echoes – A Journey Through Middle Eastern Product Design,” curated by Babylon – The Agency. Independent design and concept stores will also showcase their creations alongside a bar and café setup.

We Design Beirut City Exhibitions: Explore city exhibitions by Creative Liasons at Gregory Gatserelia’s Smo Gallery, Iwan Maktabi, and House of Today. These exhibitions will showcase local and international design, artisanship, and creativity.

We Design Beirut Tours: Discover the Oscar Niemeyer International Fair in Tripoli, renowned for its modernist architecture, with a private tour led by East Architecture Studio founders. Explore homes renovated by the Beirut Heritage Initiative and gain insight into their preservation efforts.

We Design Beirut Open Studios: Local designers, artisans, and shops will open their doors to visitors, providing an authentic glimpse into Beirut’s design scene.

We Design Beirut Private Events: Exclusive experiences tailored for press and international guests, including an opening night at Cinema Royal, luncheons, a private tour of contemporary houses, and a closing party.

About We Design

“We Design Beirut” is a vibrant, annual four-day design extravaganza taking place in Beirut’s center from October 27 to 30, 2023. This multidimensional event is dedicated to celebrating and fostering design and creativity. It offers an enriching program featuring designer exhibitions, captivating installations, engaging discussions, and hands-on workshops across various domains, including interior design, architecture, furniture, product design, functional art, ceramics, home accessories, and rugs.

Location: 27–30 October, 2023

Dates: Various Locations across Beirut



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