“We Left Home… But What is Home” by Sara Badr Schmidt at Agial Art

In her exhibition “We Left Home…But What is Home” at Agial Art Gallery, Sara Badr Schmidt weaves together personal narratives with broader social and cultural themes. Through mixed media, she explores the intricacies of identity and the longing for home, drawing from her own journey growing up between Lebanon, Sweden, and France.

We Left Home 1, textile work, hand knotted, silk, cashmere and wool, 100x100cm. Ed. of 6

Badr Schmidt’s work is deeply personal and psychological, reflecting her quest for belonging amidst division. With precision and tenderness, she delves into her intimate world, inviting viewers to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery.

Her art serves as a bridge between memory and reality, allowing stories to unfold for each viewer. Through textile compositions, installations, paintings, and textual works, she creates a poetic space for contemplation and reflection.

Mapping the Memory I, mixed media on paper and canvas, 120x120cm

Born in 1968 to Swedish and Lebanese parents, Badr Schmidt graduated from the E.F.E.T. School of Graphic Arts in Paris in 1992. Since then, she has established herself through exhibitions in Paris, Milan, and Beirut.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Badr Schmidt has made significant contributions to design, including establishing the concept store Artishow in Lebanon and serving as artistic director for Femme Magazine. She is also the co-founder of the graphic design firm One-Off in Beirut.

More recently, Badr Schmidt has ventured into rug-making, creating custom pieces that blend her artistic vision with functional design. These works, often developed as specific commissions, reflect her commitment to craftsmanship and individual expression.

Location: Agial Art, Beirut.

Dates: 17 April – 18 May 2024

Duality I Mixed media, 20x40x25cm



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