‘World Builders: Artist as Architect’ curated by Donna Honarpisheh at Leila Heller Gallery

Leila Heller Gallery presents ‘World Builders: Artist as Architect,’ curated by Donna Honarpisheh, PhD, from April 2nd to April 29th, 2024, at their New York City location. This exhibition delves into the intricate relationship between modern architecture and visual art, exploring how these disciplines intersect as world-building practices. Through diverse perspectives, the exhibition showcases the shared drive of artists and architects to construct and define the world through structure, design, materiality, and imagination.

Jehangir Vazifdar Untitled, 1966 Oil on Canvas 126 x 99 cm.

Featuring works by globally renowned artists such as Jehangir Vazifdar, Marcos Grigorian, Wassef Boutros-Ghali, and Tarik Currimbhoy, ‘World Builders’ offers an exploration of 20th-century urbanism and modernisation. These artists, who have enjoyed careers in both art and architecture, bring a unique blend of artistic vision and architectural precision to their work.

Marcos Grigorian Autumno, 1984 Straw on Mixed-Media Compound on Canvas 31.75 x 24.13 x 1.905 cm, 12.5 x 9.5 x 0.75 inches.

Jehangir Vazifdar, celebrated for his contributions to India’s modern urban landscape, showcases his mastery of abstraction and figuration through paintings, collages, and drawings. Wassef Boutros-Ghali’s transition from architecture to painting is evident in his exploration of abstract forms and vibrant colours, drawing inspiration from architectural modernity. Marcos Grigorian’s earthworks pay homage to Iranian village life, offering a radical reinterpretation of modernist art in dialogue with traditional craftsmanship. Tarik Currimbhoy’s kinetic sculptures blur the boundaries between art and architecture, inviting viewers to experience the interplay of form, space, and gravity.

‘World Builders: Artist as Architect’ promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of the symbiotic relationship between art and architecture. Through the works of these artists, visitors will gain insight into how architecture shapes spatial perception and influences our understanding of the built environment.

Tarik Currimbhoy Large Eye Stainless Steel 24 x 24 x 4 inches.

About Donna Honarpisheh

Donna Honarpisheh, PhD, serves as the Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami. With expertise in Global Modernism, she has shared her knowledge by teaching courses at institutions such as Sarah Lawrence College, Fordham University, and UC Berkeley. Her academic journey culminated in a PhD from UC Berkeley in Comparative Literature and Critical Theory. Her dissertation focused on post-1953 Iranian modernist art within a broader global framework, showcasing her commitment to understanding the intersections of art, culture, and history on a global scale.

Location: Leila Heller Gallery, 22 East 80th Street (Ground Level), New York

Dates: 2 – 29 April, 2024



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