You Are Your Own Home, Mays Al Moosawi 

You Are Your Own Home, Mays Al Moosawi 

Omani visual artist Mays Al Moosawi captivates audiences with her thought-provoking solo exhibition, “You Are Your Own Home,” held at Cromwell Place from 7 to 11 June 2023. Organised by An Effort Art Residency and Emergeast, this highly anticipated exhibition marks Al Moosawi’s debut solo show in the vibrant art scene of London.

Untitled, You Are Your Own Home series (2023), ceramic, 12x18x13 cm.

As a female Arab artist, Al Moosawi intricately weaves her personal experiences and the profound influence of the women in her life into the very fabric of her art. Her works, predominantly featuring nude figures, challenge preconceived notions of nudity in the Arab world. Instead of invoking notions of sexuality, Al Moosawi’s art emphasises the natural state of the human body, celebrating its authenticity and timelessness.

With a deep commitment to empowering women and dismantling societal expectations, Al Moosawi fearlessly explores the female form in her artistic practice. Over time, her art has evolved, reflecting her own journey of self-expression and self-discovery. Al Moosawi’s repertoire encompasses various mediums, with a notable focus on painting and an expanding foray into ceramics. This multifaceted approach allows her to express her artistic vision with depth and versatility.

Al Moosawi’s introspective exploration of personal identity serves as a catalyst for contemplation and reflection. Through her art, she invites viewers to question the conditioning and societal norms that shape our perceptions. Her evocative works encourage a deeper understanding of oneself and challenge the conventional narratives surrounding women and their bodies.

She Is Flower and Fire (2023), acrylic on canvas, 163×92 cm.

Having been granted a residency at An Effort Art Residency, Al Moosawi finds herself in an enriching environment that nurtures her artistic growth. This opportunity enables her to further develop her craft and experiment with new ideas and techniques. As she expands her creative horizons, Al Moosawi eagerly anticipates the future, with her first solo exhibition in London acting as a pivotal moment in her artistic career.

“You Are Your Own Home” not only showcases Al Moosawi’s extraordinary talent but also highlights her unique perspective as a female artist within the art historical continuum dominated by male artists and their gaze. By painting naked figures of women, Al Moosawi navigates her position with an intention of self-expression, kindness, honesty, and vulnerability. Her approach serves as a stark departure from the traditional male gaze, inviting viewers into a world that embraces and celebrates women in all their diverse forms.

Al Moosawi’s art resonates both with her personal journey and with the experiences of others. While she primarily creates for herself, she finds great joy when her work resonates with others and elicits a sense of connection. Through her intimate portrayals of women, Al Moosawi captures the essence of their stories, beliefs, and insecurities, weaving them together to explore the complex tapestry of female identity.

A Living Performance (2023), acrylic on canvas, 153×226 cm.

You Are Your Own Home, Mays Al Moosawi 

Location: Cromwell Place in London

Duration: June 7-11, 2023



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