Galataport Istanbul is a world-class mixed-use project containing world’s first underground cruise ship terminal, one of the world’s most distinguished hotel brands, art institutions, retail and F&B units and workspaces.

Post Office Fashion Galleria. Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul
Post Office Fashion Galleria. Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul

Galataport Istanbul reattributes 1.2 kilometers of the Bosporus waterfront back to the city by building the world’s first underground terminal, redefining Istanbul’s historic port into a buzzing gastronomy, arts and culture and shopping neighborhood. Galataport has very quickly become Istanbul’s favorite meeting spot since opening in October 2021.

With a total investment value of $1.7 billion, Galataport Istanbul has been designed with a horizontal open-air urban planning approach with accessible low-rise buildings, in harmony with the historical texture of the area, offering its guests a breath of fresh air in a healthy and safe atmosphere. The central focus in design, construction and operations revolved around minimizing the negative impact on the environment and reducing the project’s carbon footprint. As a result, Galataport Istanbul became Europe’s second largest project to receive LEED Platinum Certification.

Located in one of Istanbul’s most culturally diversified historic districts with breathtaking views of the Bosphorus and the Historical Peninsula, Galataport Istanbul is projected to welcome 25 million visitors annually, including 7 million international guests of which 1.5 million are cruise ship passengers and crew.

Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul
Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul

Cruise Facilities + World’s First Underground Terminal
Galataport is home to state-of-the-art cruise facilities, including the world’s first underground cruise ship terminal. The 29,000 sqm Galataport Istanbul Cruise Terminal, designed with a unique hatch system connected to an underground terminal, creates a temporary customs area while a ship is in port, which converts Istanbul’s historic port into a unique promenade in an area that has been closed to public access since late 19th century, and leaves the coastline free after the ship departs. The innovative design and infrastructure of the underground cruise terminal not only enables public access to this historic promenade for the first time since the 19th century but also strengthens Istanbul’s status as a hub port city.

Galataport Istanbul is capable of accommodating three ships and 15,000 passengers a day, and the infrastructure lets it accommodate oasis-class cruise ships, which are the world’s largest vessels with more than 8,000 passengers including crew.

Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul
Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul

Gastronomy & Shopping
Galataport Istanbul hosts 240 retail and dining establishments, spanning an area of around 52,000 sqm. Forty percent of the units are dedicated to food and beverage. Offering a carefully curated selection of local and international flavors and cuisines, Galataport İstanbul has quickly become the heart of the city’s gastronomy scene. From the seats next to the Bosphorus, guests can enjoy exceptional dishes prepared by renowned chefs using an array of flavors from around the world, along with local tastes.

Galataport Istanbul’s waterfront shopping experience is also very unique with a perfect balance of world renowned and local brands, artisans and designers. Paket Postanesi (The Post Office Fashion Galleria) the oldest building on the pier, regenerates Karaköy’s multicultural commercial life and craft traditions with world renowned fashion, design, delicacy and jewelry artisans from Istanbul. The Post Office Fashion Galleria features more than 70 boutique stores facing the interior and exterior courtyards for a novel shopping experience on a 180-meter coastline overlooking the Historical Peninsula.

Post Office Fashion Galleria. Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul
Post Office Fashion Galleria. Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul

Istanbul’s Art, Culture + Design Hub
Galataport Istanbul houses the finest works of art in Turkey with two leading art museums, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture. The Renzo Piano-designed Istanbul Modern Museum, Turkey’s first contemporary arts museum founded in 2004, will soon open within the premises of Galataport Istanbul.

MSGSU Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture building has already become one of the top destinations in the Karaköy area, and is designed by Emre Arolat Architects, an architectural office whose work has been recognised with several prestigious accolades to date, including the 2010 Aga Khan Award for Architecture and the 2015 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award.

As an extension of one of the oldest neighborhoods of İstanbul, Galataport Istanbul arts & culture mission revolves around regenerating the cultural richness the area offered in the past. Galataport Istanbul is an accessible arts and culture hub for all, creating value for the society, supporting young artists and the art initiatives in the area. As the starting point of Beyoğlu Culture Road, Turkey’s biggest cultural event aiming to convey İstanbul’s civilisational identity through architecture, arts and culture, Galataport Istanbul has already become an important venue in Istanbul’s annual cultural calendar.

Heritage Structures & Restoration
During the Byzantine rule, Galata coast was known as Sykai which means the Fig City because of the abundant fig trees surrounding the area. Karaköy, an important part of the city of Galata, was founded by the Genoese in the 12th century.

A cradle of culture with a multinational community, Karaköy was populated by Jewish, Genoese, Greeks, Romans, French and Venetians. With the conquest of Istanbul in 1453, which marked the beginning of Ottoman rule, Karaköy became the main port and trade hub of the Empire while carrying influences of the many empires that once ruled here. To this day, Karaköy remains as one of the most important regions of Istanbul, an epitome of the cultural diversity, mutual respect where different nations have lived together in harmony throughout history.

Tophane Clock Tower. Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul

Tophane Clock Tower. Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul

Located in such a historic district, Galataport Istanbul is rich in heritage. All heritage buildings in state of disrepair have been restored, structurally strengthened or reinstated to embellish the city once again.

The historical Tophane Square has received an immense landscaping work and has the specially restored Tophane Clock Tower, dating back to 1848, as its centerpiece. The oldest clock tower in Istanbul and in Turkey, Tophane Clock Tower was renovated using a special technique that involved lifting the tower.

 Tophane Clock Tower. Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul
Tophane Clock Tower. Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul

The oldest building on the pier (1911), Paket Postanesi (The Post Office Fashion Galleria) is a landmark of the project with its characteristic slated roofs and exterior facades. Three heritage buildings within Galataport Istanbul, Merkez Han, Karaköy Passenger Hall and Çinili Han are also undergoing restoration. Another landmark of Galataport Istanbul, the Tophane Clock Tower which dates back to 1848 is the oldest clock tower in Turkey. It was renovated using a special on-site technique that involved lifting the tower. During the arduous restoration efforts, a formerly unknown floor of the monument was discovered, and about 140 cm of the tower was unearthed.

Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul
Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul

The Peninsula Istanbul
Award winning luxury hotel brand The Peninsula Hotels will soon add Istanbul to its list of 10 prestigious locations around the world. Situated right across the city’s Historical Peninsula, the 177- room The Peninsula Istanbul will welcome its guests within restored and renovated heritage buildings, including Karaköy Passenger Hall, which was Turkey’s first modern cruise passenger terminal back in 1940s, Merkez Han and Çinili Han. The fourth building of The Peninsula Istanbul will serve as the 470-guest capacity ballroom, featuring a guillotine glass exterior facade, which opens in ninety seconds and contrasts its warmth with the freshness of the Bosphorus.

Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul
Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul

Sustainability + Environmental Considerations
Galataport Istanbul is the second largest project in Europe to receive the LEED Platinum rating after taking into consideration a multitude of sustainability measures such as a highly efficient HVAC design with seawater hydrothermal cooling, exceeding international sustainability standards for indoor air quality, energy efficiency and water efficiency as well as environmentally conscious construction practices.

From the design to construction to operations, particular attention was paid to minimize the negative impact on the environment and reduce the project’s carbon footprint. All buildings in Galataport Istanbul use seawater as a coolant instead of cooling gases, which saves energy, reduces carbon emissions and replaces harmful cooling gases that contribute to climate change. Endemic plants to Istanbul and efficient irrigation systems help save 50% more water and the use of landscaped areas and green roofs are expected to reduce the heat island effect. On a quarterly basis, seawater quality, particles, dust and noise level are measured to monitor the project’s environment impact and marine ecology monitoring is performed annually.

Galataport Istanbul is a living neighborhood with a pier, public squares and small streets where residents and visitors of Istanbul commingle while social life merges with business life. With 43,000 sqm of workspaces, including functional offices designed according to the social distancing rules, employees can work in low-rise, well-illuminated and spacious environments with glass-paneled exteriors allowing naturally lit office spaces as well as terrace areas that provide access to fresh air.

Offices at Galataport Istanbul are equipped with smart building automation and innovative approaches, as well as isolated system rooms specially reserved for each office, designed with state-of-the-art engineering practices. Energy efficiencies generated by seawater hydrothermal cooling systems result in low operating costs. With its flexible office size availabilities, Galataport Istanbul provides office solutions that meet the needs and expectations of all institutions.

Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul
Courtesy of Galataport Istanbul

Proprietary Software
Galataport_Istanbul business analysts and Dogus Technology developed their own software to reduce operational costs, drive consumer engagement, explore new revenue streams and enable increased tenant productivity rates.

A cruise terminal management system to boost the operational efficiency of cruise terminals. The Berthlog technology is capable of providing services to more than 50 cruise companies and 20 port agencies. The Berthlog application was awarded at the IDC Cloud Summit 2019 for its high security standards as well as the planning and management capabilities it offers for cruise terminal operations and its equipment utilisation efficiency.

A facility management software containing modules such as Contract Management, Financial Reporting, Tenant Billings, Complaint Management, Maintenance Procedures, Technical Asistance & KPI’s and Tenant Communication.

Project Consultants-Architecture & Design
• Masterplanning: Dror + Gensler
• Cruise Planning Consultant: BEA
• Facade Design and Creative Consultants: Tanju Özelgin and Arif Özden of TO Studio
• Architect of Record: Norm Mimarlık
• Interior Designer of the Terminal: Autoban

the info s extracted from Galataport Istanbul press releases.



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