‘Home’ Online Photo Exhibition by Yad Deen

Yad Deen, K10 (2023), HOME Photo exhibition, A5, Courtesy of Yad Deen

London-based filmmaker and photographer Yad Deen, along with collaborator Renas Babakir, proudly introduces HOME, an online photo exhibition aimed at raising funds to support the persecuted Yazidi community in Iraq. Deen’s collection comprises twelve evocative black-and-white photographs that capture the essence of the Yazidi village of Kocho. This village endured profound devastation during the genocidal campaign carried out by the so-called Islamic State (IS) in August 2014. Each photograph is accompanied by a narrative from Dawd Salim Bashar Loko, a Yazidi guardian from Kocho and a survivor of the genocide.

The appalling IS campaign resulted in the massacre and abduction of approximately 12,000 Yazidis, with another 400,000 forcibly displaced. Tragically, 2,800 women and children remain captive. On August 1st, 2023, the U.K. Government joined an international chorus, recognising the genocide inflicted upon the Yazidis by the so-called ‘Islamic State’.

The exhibition’s core objective is to generate substantial funds in support of the Yazidi families who have returned to the Sinjar region after spending nine years in IDP camps. These families, determined to rebuild their shattered lives, will benefit directly from the proceeds generated by the sale of each print. The initiative’s operational partner, Sinjar Academy, is a charitable organization committed to delivering educational services in northern Iraq’s Sinjar area. This region is home to a considerable number of Yazidis and other minorities, all striving to overcome the trauma of the 2014 genocide.

Yad Deen, K7 (2023), HOME Photo exhibition, A5, Courtesy of Yad Deen

Yad Deen’s inspiration stemmed from his immersion in Yazidi human rights advocate Nadia Murad’s autobiography, The Last Girl, which recounts her captivity, enslavement, and eventual escape from IS.

Deen’s journey through Kocho, guided by Dawd, prompted him to document the external structure of the school featured in Nadia Murad’s The Last Girl. The photographs captured the essence of what Dawd conveyed during their village exploration. By selecting an expired 35mm black and white Fuji film, Deen deliberately avoided seeking conventional beauty, aiming instead to evoke an unsettling nostalgia and emotional resonance. This choice inadvertently drew parallels with the fleeting nature of “fast news,” wherein significant global issues often fade swiftly from public consciousness.

The prints, measuring A4 in size, will feature the photograph centred on A5 paper, complemented by a printed excerpt from Loko’s narrative underneath. Each print will be created using C-Type Fuji Matt on Fuji Crystal archive paper.

Yad Deen, K12 (2023), HOME Photo exhibition A5, Courtesy of Yad Deen

About Yad Deen

Yad Deen, a British-Kurdish filmmaker and photographer, resides in London. Born in Iraq’s Kurdistan, he fled Saddam Hussein’s rule as an infant and grew up in London. Over seven years, Deen documented Iraq’s landscapes as a filmmaker and photographer for esteemed clients, including the British Council and UNOPS. Notably, he chronicled stories of conflict-affected individuals, especially the Yazidi community and survivors. After instructing a media production course for genocide survivors at Sinjar Academy, he fostered strong connections. His debut film, “CARGA,” earned numerous awards, was crafted in Kurdistan, and acquired by Sony Pictures. Deen’s current focus involves diverse film and television projects, addressing social issues both locally and globally.

Location: Online: sinjarhome.com



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