‘Duality’ by Nima Nabavi and Jason Seife at The Third Line

Jason Seife, Civic, 2023, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 129.8 x 129.8cm

The Third Line is delighted to present “Duality,” a collaborative exhibition featuring the innovative works of artists Nima Nabavi and Jason Seife. Born out of a longstanding “art friendship,” Duality encapsulates the synergy between two creators who share a unique artistic vision. The exhibition, both literal and metaphorical, captures the organic evolution of their artistic connection. Nabavi and Seife, thinkers in colour, shape, and line, present paired canvases like Tenet, Civic, Radar, and Level, where strict adherence to canvas dimensions is maintained while allowing artistic divergence. Although the foundational proportions remain constant, the artists deliberately position their works as cousins rather than siblings, striking a balance between familial resemblance and individuality.

Nima Nabavi, Civic, 2023, Archival ink on canvas, 129.8 x 129.8cm

Geometry serves as the common language for Nabavi and Seife. Their works seem to evolve in tandem, a call-and-response between their distinct approaches to colour and form. The titles of each piece, conceived as palindromes shared between pairings, further emphasise the interconnected themes of commonality and departure. The design of the lettering mirrors the artistic structure, offering a different perspective on shared concepts.

On close inspection, the intricate details reveal a richness and complexity previously unexplored by both artists. The works demonstrate a subtlety of matching elements, where a bold hue or shape perceived by Seife transforms into a nuanced layering of tones in Nabavi’s execution. While both artists maintain structural similarities, their distinct mediums – Seife’s bold, flat, and opaque compositions contrasting with Nabavi’s precise layering of multicoloured ink pens – retain the unmistakable idiosyncrasies of their individual styles.

“Duality” exemplifies the power of collaboration, showcasing not only mutual respect but also an intimate understanding of each other’s creative processes. The exhibition unfolds as a symbiotic dance, a pas de deux, revealing a profound connection that extends to the anticipation of each artist’s next move. The result is a harmonious coexistence that celebrates both the shared and distinct elements of Nabavi and Seife’s artistic endeavours.

Nima Nabavi and Jason Seife, Noon, Archival ink, oil and acrylic on canvas, 158.75 x 158.75 cm

About Nima Nabavi

Born in Iran in 1978, Nima Nabavi, a self-taught Iranian-American artist, found an unexpected artistic calling after two decades as an independent business owner. Inspired by his late grandfather’s geometric art, Nabavi shifted gears in 2016. Now based in Dubai, he embraces a mathematical approach, crafting intricate geometries with contemplative precision. His solo exhibitions include “Visiting” at Roswell Museum, New Mexico, USA (2023) and “1,2,3” at The Third Line, Dubai, UAE (2018). Notable group exhibitions feature his work in global venues like Misk Art Institute Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (2023) and Palais Populaire, Berlin, Germany (2021). Nabavi’s art graces collections such as Deutsche Bank Collection, Berlin, Germany, and Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai, UAE.

About Jason Seife

Inspired by the intricate patterns of traditional Persian carpets and arabesques from his childhood, artist Jason Seife, born to immigrant parents from Syria and Cuba, meticulously hand-paints original designs. While drawing from tradition, Seife employs unconventional materials like reinforced concrete, broadening his work’s appeal. Despite this contemporary approach, he deeply values the historical significance present in traditional weaving, where hidden meanings reflect cultural identities. In his solo exhibitions, such as “Coming to Fruition” at Pérez Art Museum Miami (2023), Seife explores his emotional state through colors and patterns, creating a concealed language akin to the ancient weavers’ cultural expressions.

Location: The Third Line

Dates: 14 November, 2023 –  5 January, 2024



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