‘Moving Mountains’ & ‘Salt-Kissed: Of Vessels That Have Sailed The Red Sea’ at Hayy Jameel

Art Jameel announces the unveiling of solo and group exhibitions at Hayy Jameel, the artistic hub in Jeddah. Running from May 8 to October 26, 2024, ‘Moving Mountains’ by Ahaad Alamoudi and ‘Salt-Kissed: Of Vessels That Have Sailed The Red Sea’ will be displayed across the two floors of Hayy Arts, renowned for its curated showcases of modern and contemporary art. These exhibitions bring together over a dozen artists from 13 countries, all anchored in Jeddah’s coastal identity and its interconnectedness through the Red Sea.

Moving Mountains (2024) by Ahaad Alamoudi, commissioned by Art Jameel, courtesy of the artist
Moving Mountains (2024) by Ahaad Alamoudi, commissioned by Art Jameel, courtesy of the artist

Nora Razian, Deputy Director and Head of Exhibitions at Art Jameel emphasises the organisation’s commitment to deepening research into local and site-specific themes. Razian highlights the significance of hosting Alamoudi’s inaugural institutional solo exhibition in Jeddah, reflecting her hometown’s evolving landscape. Additionally, Razian praises the poetic narrative of ‘Salt-Kissed,’ curated by emerging talents Ahmed Al-Aqra and Abed Alrahman Shabaneh, as it narrates the maritime history of the Red Sea.

In the world, East and West, North
In the World, East and West, North.

‘Moving Mountains,’ curated by Rotana Shaker, marks the first institutional solo exhibition for Saudi artist Ahaad Alamoudi. This showcase delves into Alamoudi’s exploration of evolving societal and cultural dynamics, presenting a blend of new and existing works that reflect Saudi Arabia’s natural and urban environments.

‘Salt-Kissed,’ curated by Ahmed Alaqraa and Abdulrahman Shabana, emerges from Art Jameel’s Curatorial Open Call, offering a fresh perspective on the Red Sea’s connections, histories, and ecologies. Through archival materials, new commissions, and works from the Art Jameel Collection, this exhibition delves into the Red Sea’s relationship with its surroundings and communities, exploring ancient trade routes, traditional crafts, and colonial legacies.

Both exhibitions underscore Art Jameel’s commitment to fostering artistic talent and exploring themes deeply rooted in local contexts. ‘Moving Mountains’ and ‘Salt-Kissed: Of Vessels That Have Sailed The Red Sea’ will be on display at Hayy Arts from May 8 to October 26, 2024.

About Hayy Jameel

Hayy Jameel, developed and overseen by Art Jameel, stands as Saudi Arabia’s premier arts complex and creative nucleus. Complementing the Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai, Hayy aims to cultivate culture-centric, interconnected communities. Designed by waiwai, Hayy embodies its namesake, Arabic for “neighborhood,” fostering collaboration and conviviality across various creative domains. Alongside the museum Hayy Arts, the complex features educational platforms like Hayy Learning and Hayy Studios, along with Saudi’s inaugural independent audiovisual center, Hayy Cinema, and Hayy Explorers, a dynamic children’s zone. Fenaa Hayy, Salaat Hayy, Community Cinema & Project Space serve as versatile venues, anchored by the central Saha courtyard, promoting sustainability and adaptability. Hayy Residents complement Art Jameel’s initiatives, showcasing a diverse array of homegrown creative endeavours. The launch of Hayy Jameel in 2021 aligns with Vision 2030, signaling a new era for the Kingdom’s arts and creative sector.

Location: Hayya Jameel, Jeddah

Dates: May 8 to October 26, 2024



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