Three Solo Exhibitions Opening at The Third Line

Three Solo Exhibitions Opening at The Third Line

The Third Line presents three solo exhibitions, Isthmus by Lamya Gargash, “Stop counting the waves following me, you seabirds! by Shabahang Tayyari and “A Country Without a Door or Windows” by Bady Dalloul, from May 23 to July 21, 2023.

Isthmus, Lamya Gargash

Curated by Sophie Mayuko Arni, Lamya Gargash presents her fifth solo exhibition at The Third Line, titled “Isthmus.” The exhibition delves into the artist’s exploration of space and narrates human experiences across diverse geographies, all while omitting direct depictions of human figures. Through the lens of her camera, Gargash captures objects, furniture pieces, window details, and wall trimmings, which collectively speak volumes about design choices, human qualities, and the cultural and socio-economic contexts of different eras.

Lamya Gargash, Arches & Drapes, 2022, C-type Print, 70 x 52cm, Edition of 5, 2AP

The exhibition unveils a series of new works, as Gargash embarked on a journey from Dubai, UAE to Atami, Japan, to photograph Hotel Acao Annex. In parallel, she intertwines these new works with her previous photographs of the iconic Queen Elizabeth II (QE2) cruise ship, now a floating hotel in Dubai. By employing the concept of an “isthmus,” Gargash metaphorically captures interiors from locations as diverse as the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi, Hotel Acao in Atami, and the QE2 in Dubai. This metaphor signifies a narrow strip of land connecting two seas, symbolizing the connection between fundamentally different yet conceptually similar places. Arni invites viewers to engage in a playful exercise of guessing the origin of each photograph within the exhibition.

The allegorical aspect adds depth to the exhibition, with the final section dedicated to Gargash’s previously unseen still-life photography. Each precious object showcased represents a member of the artist’s immediate family, while her analogue camera placed amidst these objects serves as a tangible representation of her artistic presence. As Gargash embarks on a new journey, she explores the poetic nature of existing curated interiors and curates her own assemblage of objects, inviting viewers to accompany her on this artistic odyssey.

Lamya Gargash, The Globe,2014, C type Print, 90 x 120 cm, Edition of 3, 1AP

Lamya Gargash

Lamya Gargash, an Emirati artist born in 1982 and based in Dubai, UAE, draws inspiration from inhabited and abandoned spaces as well as cultural heritage in a rapidly changing context. With a focus on modernity, mortality, identity, and the ordinary, Gargash captures the beauty found in human traces and the significance of the mundane. Notably, she represented the UAE at the 2009 Venice Biennale and participated in the 9th Sharjah Biennial the same year. Gargash’s artwork has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide, and her pieces are held in the permanent collections of the Barjeel Art Foundation and Sharjah Art Foundation.

Location: Gallery 1

Duration: May 23 – July 21, 2023

“Stop counting the waves following me, you seabirds!”, Shabahang Tayyari

“Stop counting the waves following me, you seabirds!” is a thought-provoking exhibition that delves into various tensions and themes related to uniformity, replication, flatness, originality, fiction, and exclusivity. Shabahang Tayyari skillfully explores these concepts within each painting, as well as through the overall spatial arrangement and installation of the artworks. The deliberate placement of the paintings, including the four triangular corner pieces and the orientation of the waves, guides viewers on a carefully curated clockwise journey through the exhibition.

The waves depicted in the artworks, numbered and titled in tandem, draw inspiration from three-dimensional maquettes traditionally used by performers to emulate the fluid motion of the ocean. The outline drawings of the waves are influenced by the graceful curves and harmonies found in Persian-Arabic calligraphy. The paintings seamlessly connect to one another, with each work continuing its own narrative while simultaneously inspiring others.

Although the graphical shapes of the waves remain consistent across all sixteen works, subtle variations in height, distance between the black and blue waves, and the painterly quality of the gouache paint on un-primed canvases give each piece a distinct character.

Transforming the gallery into a domestic space, a thick black moquette covers the exhibition floor. This choice, along with the raw canvases and wooden frames, creates an ambiance that invites viewers to embark on a semi-Orphic experience, immersing themselves in the artistic world created by Tayyari.

Shabahang Tayyari, Wave No.80006639 Friday 09.26 A.M. Khazar seashore, 2023, Gouache on unprimed canvas, 120 x 100 cm

Shabahang Tayyari

Shabahang Tayyari is an Iranian artist and writer who focuses on painting and its spatial arrangement. He explores the potential of the surface and how visual data can be presented in different contexts. Tayyari’s work is both intense and delicate, innocent and corrupt, and often employs game tactics and manipulation of surface and content. He has exhibited in various solo and group shows, including at Delgosha gallery in Tehran, Balice Hertling gallery in Paris, and Flash-Art Studio in Milan. His exhibitions often have provocative titles such as “Bad Teacher” and “BAKINTASH ABDU JAMAL.”

Location: Gallery 2

Duration: May 23 – July 21, 2023

“A Country Without a Door or Windows”, Bady Dalloul

“A Country Without a Door or Windows” by Bady Dalloul is a captivating series consisting of 200 miniature drawings, each displayed inside a pocket matchbox. These drawings, despite their vivid colours and childlike appearance, sharply contrast with the harsh reality of the Syrian civil war that erupted in 2011. Drawing from media images, Dalloul establishes a deeply personal and emotional connection to the conflict, given his family’s Syrian background. While the artist has been profoundly affected by these images, the sequence of events in the drawings is not presented chronologically. Instead, Dalloul arranges them subjectively, evoking a sense of imagination and escapism.

This body of work provides an intimate glimpse into Dalloul’s childhood, centred around the games he played with his brother when they were ten years old. Each drawing, no larger than 2.7cm, takes inspiration from the fictional countries they created by adding new elements to the visible depictions on postage stamps. Using black pen and colored pencil, they transformed these stamps into new geopolitical territories. Over time, Dalloul refined this technique to explore how propaganda and folklore imagery contribute to the construction of identities.

Despite their small size, these drawings carry a powerful message by helping the artist process and cope with the overwhelming pain of historical events. Dalloul’s artistic approach goes beyond mere expression; it serves as a way to domesticate the anguish of personal and collective memories, providing a means of healing and understanding.

Bady Dalloul, A country without a door or windows, Series of 200 pocket drawings, 2016 2020, Ball pen drawing, marker pen on bristol board, framed in matchboxes, 4.1 x 2.7 cm, 1.6 x 1 in

Bady Dalloul

Bady Dalloul (b. 1986, Paris) is a French Syrian multimedia artist blending history, personal narratives, and fiction. His work delves into sociological reflections on migration and challenges Western-centric historiography. Through drawing, video, and objects, Dalloul explores the interplay between imagination and reality, questioning the construction of historical narratives. He received the Prize for Arab Contemporary Creation in 2017 and the Sciences Po for Contemporary Art Prize. Dalloul has exhibited solo at prestigious galleries like Untilthen Gallery and Alexandra de Viveiros Gallery in Paris, as well as participated in group shows at renowned venues such as Palais de Tokyo, Gulbenkian Foundation, and Warehouse 421.

Location: Project Space

Duration: May 23 – July 21, 2023


Location: The Third Line

Duration: May 23 – July 21, 2023



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