Volta Basel 2023

Volta Basel 2023

Volta Basel, presents a remarkable display of contemporary artwork embracing the ethos of “Discover. Connect. Collect.” The event takes place from 12 – 18 June, at its new location, Klybeck 610. The fair’s highlights revolve around international galleries, emerging female artists, and the intersection of art, science, and nature.

This year, Volta Basel adopts an invite-only approach, featuring a carefully curated selection of 30 galleries from 16 countries, including seven Swiss galleries. The event aims to introduce collectors to exceptional contemporary artwork from regions that are often underrepresented in traditional art markets.

Galerie Heike Strelow, Hendrik Zimmer, Untiled, 2023, Colour woodprint on canvas, 150×110

A noteworthy emphasis on female artists is evident, with approximately 50 percent of the exhibited art created by women. Among the talented female artists being showcased are Irene Grau from Maus Contemporary, Anica Hauswald from Anja Knoess, and Monika Plentauskaite from Meno Niša. Their works explore a diverse range of themes, including identity, politics, emotions, and culture.

One of the notable aspects of Volta Basel 2023 is its new location at Klybeck 610, offering a boutique setting that adds to the overall experience. The participating galleries represent a wide range of countries, such as Spain, South Korea, Malaysia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Germany, alongside local Swiss galleries like Selene Art Media, Lechbinska, and Artstübli Gallery. Renowned artists like Anica Hauswald, Hendrik Zimmer, Alice Quaresma, Logan T. Sibrel, Alireza Varzandeh, Alyona Volkova, Mihei Her, Meda Norbutaitė, and Flavio Senoner contribute to the diverse artistic landscape.

Volta Basel goes beyond traditional art displays by exploring the intersection of art with nature and science. Galleries like Galerie Flox, Hang Tough Contemporary, Sobering Gallery, and LEE & BAE feature works that delve into themes related to the natural world, scientific exploration, and the connection between art and the environment.

GALERIE ANJAKNOESS, Hauswald Anica, coming out to flight, 2023, Oil On Canvas, 19x16inch

“We aim to support ambitious international galleries to become a part of the art market dialogue in key cities such as Basel and New York. We are grateful for the quality of this year’s exhibitors, ranging from Galerie Thomas Fuchs to Gallery H.A.N., and Selene Art Media. To align with the founding ethos of VOLTA, this year’s Basel edition presents forward-thinking curations that enable our valued collectors to discover the art of now, connect with unique international artistic dialogues, and grow their collection.” – Will Ramsay, CEO and Founder of Ramsay Fairs and this year’s co-director of VOLTA fairs

In addition to the art exhibition, Volta Basel offers an extended program of engaging events. Visitors can enjoy outdoor sculptures by Dario Norelli, performances by talented artists from Selene Art Media, a book launch with Daniele Galliano presented by Livingstone Gallery, and daily Apéro Hour with complimentary drinks provided by Ale and Bread. Public tours are also available for those interested in gaining insights into the exhibited artworks.

Credit David Willems, 1, 8363

About the fair

VOLTA Art Fair supports galleries in staging ambitious solo and group presentations, refining the experience to its essential elements: the artists and their work. This focus on compelling visual statements by up-and-coming
and established artists cultivates a vibrant and approachable environment of discovery for the engaged collector. VOLTA debuted in Basel in 2005 aimed as a platform for ambitious international galleries to participate in the art markets’ major cities. VOLTA’s New York fair followed in 2008, with a focus on solo presentations that offered an alternative to the crowded trade show tradition of New York fair weeks. In autumn 2019, VOLTA was acquired by Ramsay Fairs.

Booth C3, Meno Nisa
Building, featuring artworks by Galerie am Lindenhof

Volta Basel 2023

Location: Klybeck 610, Klybeckplatz, 2 Gärtnerstrasse, 4057 Basel

Duration: June 12-18, 2023



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